How To Prepare A Tourist Leaflet

If you are planning an event for a city or state, then you need to know how to prepare a tourist leaflet. Here are some simple tips to ensure that yours will attract visitors from all over:

  1. What are you promoting? You will use a different type of approach if you are promoting a business that specializes in intellectual pursuits versus one that is known for their physically demanding attractions. For intellectual activities, more detail can be included in the leaflet as these individuals, generally speaking, devote more of their time to reading and will want good descriptive passages. For the action minded, imaging is more important as these individuals waste little time on sedentary activities.
  2. Determine what kind of leaflet you want. There are many different kinds of leaflets layouts to choose from. Two-fold, tri-fold, and postcard are all examples of leaflets.
  3. Pick out the type of paper that you want to use. There are different weights of paper to accommodate just about any application. Are the leaflets going to be placed on car windows at local hotels, left in a brochure holder, or used in a mass mailings to travel agents? The answer will influence your choice of paper. For instance, if you are wanting to mail out your information, postcards are cheaper to send than letter sized publications.
  4. Determine what information you want in the leaflet. You should include company name, address, phone number and email, but you need to remember that too much information is just as bad as not enough. Keep it short and to the point. To make a fishing analogy, this is where you bait the hook. Put too much bait on, and it will fly off the hook, too little and the fish will not notice it.
  5. Decide how you want the information laid out. This is probably the most critical part. The layout has to be aesthetically pleasing or no one will bother picking it up much less read it. For ease of reading, the use of bulleted lists is recommended.
  6. Graphics. What color is the best to use? Who is your target group? Recent research shows that yellow draws more attention than any other color and can be seen from a greater distance. Purple is a dignified color and it would be an excellent choice for cultural attractions such as museums, the ballet, and historical locations, whereas blue would be the color of choice for water activities like white water rafting.

You now know how to prepare a tourist leaflet. You are ready to print.

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