How To Prepare For A Vasectomy

Looking for information on how to prepare for a vasectomy? You probably already know that a vasectomy is a surgical procedure that cuts and seals the tubes that carry your semen. Basically, a vasectomy is a proven birth control method for men. While a vasectomy can be performed by your regular doctor, a urologist is typically the physician that performs a vasectomy.

To prepare for a vasectomy, you will need to:

  • Talk to your doctor
  • Stop taking blood thinning medication
  • Shave your genital area
  1. Talk to your doctor. It is important that you have a long discussion with your doctor before you make the final decision to have a vasectomy. Remember, you will not be able to father any children once you have a vasectomy. Your doctor will also be able to go over any side effects or complications that are typically associated with a vasectomy.
  2. Stop taking blood thinning medication. If you typically take aspirin, you will need to stop taking that drug one to two weeks before the date of your surgery. Aspirin serves as a pain killer and fever reducer, but it is also an effective blood thinner. If you are taking other blood thinning medications, such as warfarin or heparin, you will need to stop taking those three to four days before the date of your surgery.
  3. Shave Your Genital Area. You should shave your genital area the day of your surgery. The hospital that you are having your vasectomy at can probably shave your genital area for you, but you may be more comfortable doing it yourself. You should also clean your genital area with soap before you have a vasectomy performed.

Tip: You should stop taking ibuprofen three to four days before surgery, as well. Remember, ibuprofen is available in many brand names, such as Advil and Motrin. If you need to take a painkiller, feel free to to Tylenol.

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