How To Prepare Your Surfboard Before Surfing

Want to learn how to prepare your surfboard before surfing? The surf's up. You can hear the waves pounding the shore long before you reach the beach. You grab your surfboard and a few things from the trunk, then sprint to the ocean. However, there are a few preparations you need to complete before hitting the waves. It’s easy to prepare your surfboard before surfing. It only takes a few minutes, and will make your surf session far more enjoyable.

  1. Remove any old wax or base coat on your surfboard. You can do this one of two ways:  leave your board out in the sun for fifteen minutes, and then use a plastic putty knife to scrape the softened wax off. Or use a blow dryer to heat the old wax, and then scrape it off using the putty knife.
  2. Allow your surfboard to cool off and then apply a base coat over the surface. Apply the base coat in small spirals until a smooth base is visible.
  3. Choose the correct surf wax for the water temperature. Apply the wax in a similar fashion, in spirals, on top of the base coat.
  4. Prepare your surfboard for safety before surfing, also. Flip the board over on a beach towel or blanket. Inspect the fin box and the fin, making sure nothing is loose or broken. If necessary, tighten the screws that secure the fin.
  5. Place your surfboard face up, and examine the leash where it attaches to the board. Be certain that the end of the leash is securely fastened to the leash plug. Then check the rest of the leash for frays, knots, tears and the like.
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