How To Preserve Chiles

Learn about how to preserve chillies to keep these delicious, spicy vegetables available year round. Chillies, also spelled chilis, are peppers that are hot and spicy. These pungent peppers include Anaheim peppers, jalapeno peppers, poblano peppers, and serrano peppers, to name just a few. Chillies, when added to food, can give a dish a zesty, spicy flavor that makes a bland dish taste completely different. Until you know how hot you like your food, try using a little and add more gradually. It's possible to preserve chillies in several ways. A couple of popular ways to preserve chillies is to freeze them and to dry them.

To preserve chillies, you will need:

  • Freezer bags
  • Racks or string
  1. Freeze chillies to preserve them. Freezing chillies is an excellent way to preserve them to keep to use later. When peppers are harvested fresh, it's impossible to use them all, so preserve them by freezing for a quick way of preservation.
  2. Wash the chillies. Let the chillies drain to remove most of the water. Towel off with a clean towel. Place the chillies in a freezer bag and squeeze to remove all or most of the air.
  3. Place in the freezer. To use, remove the desired number of chillies and thaw. Cook the chillies as you would fresh.
  4. Dry chillies to preserve them. Wash the chillies and let air dry. Let the chillies dry completely, which will take several weeks.
  5. Place on racks in a place where they will be undisturbed or hang them by tieing the stems with strings and hanging them. Either method works. When the chillies are completely dry, you can grind the peppers to use as spice in cooking and recipes.
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