How To Preserve A Fresh Flower Corsage

Whether you're getting married or going to the prom, you may want to know how to preserve a fresh flower corsage. There are many methods you can try. Some  of the most popular are outlined here.

  1. Freezing.   This method is fairly self-explanatory. You simply place the fresh flower corsage in the container it came in, or another plastic container. However, the results are iffy at best as some flowers take better to being frozen than others.  Some flower shops offer freeze-drying but this is a bit costly. 
  2. Preserving with hair spray.  This is another simple method. Just hold your fresh flower corsage out a bit and spray with aerosol hair spray. Again, the results aren't as great as some methods as the flowers may shrivel.
  3. Air Drying. Another simple method. All you have to do is tie the corsage flowers with a rubber band ( just under the flowers). Then  hang them someplace warm, dry, and dark. This natural method can be surprisingly effective.
  4. Preserving with cornmeal and borax. Make a mixture of one part Borax to 2 parts cornmeal, enough to cover the bottom of a shoebox, with a bit to spare.. Run your corsage through the mixture gently. (Most places tell you to remove the leaves and most of the stems first.) Lightly dust the rest of the fresh flower corsage with the remaining mix, getting between the petals as much as possible without causing damage. Close up the box for a few weeks. Then brush off the residue. This is a fairly good method as the mixture absorbs moisture and maintains more color.
  5. Preserving with silica gel. This is probably the best method for preserving a fresh flower corsage intact (though you need to remove any damaged leaves and petals). You can get silica gel at garden centers or craft stores. Fill a plastic container half-way with the gel, put in the corsage, and cover it up with gel. Put the lid on the container, place in a warm, dry area, and wait for one to three weeks (depending on the flower type and density). Then shake off the gel. If everything doesn't look dried out you can can try again.

Next time you get a flower or corsage from a special someone you can try one of these methods to make it last forever. Hopefully your love will last as long as your flowers do!

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