How To Preserve Men’s Vintage Leather Jackets

How to preserve men's vintage leather jackets is important because, although not indestructible, leather is extremely durable and can last for many more vintage years if you just take a few precautions and give it loving care.  If you carefully condition, polish, clean. and protect your vintage leather jacket, you can enjoy it and its beauty for a long time to come. 

  1. Follow the label instructions regarding the proper care of your jacket and do not use sprays or products that are not recommended.
  2. Protect your vintage leather jacket from dirt, dust, chemicals, snow, sun, humidity, and rain. Don't wear it in such weather conditions or when working where there is dust or chemicals.  If it does get wet, let it dry naturally.  Also, learn how to use the proper chemicals prepared especially to keep the leather from cracking, drying, losing its finish or color, or getting too stiff.  Read and follow directions carefully on the products available on the store shelves.
  3. Store your leather jacket. Place your jacket in a cloth bag so that it can breathe, which it cannot do in plastic.  Put it in a cool place that has low humidity. Make sure it is not in a closet that gets too much sun.   Use a broad sturdy wooden hanger so that the jacket keeps its shape. A wooden hanger actually keeps your jacket cooler.   
  4. Condition your leather jacket.  Do this only occasionally to lubricate the leather and replenish the supple quality.  Do NOT use a conditioner that contains mineral oils or petroleum.  There are specific leather conditioners on the market that require just a small amount on a smooth cloth.  Wax in one motion.   
  5. Polish your leather jacket.  This is done when you want a glossy finish for a special occasion . Buff to a shine with a product that will not clog the pores, dry out the leather, or contain coloring factors that  will likely come off when in contact with other people or fabrics.  
  6. Clean your leather jacket. When you are using leather care products, be sure to be in an area that is well ventilated as some products are strong and can cause various irritations. Use a specialized cleaner that preserves the natural lubricating oils. Test it on an area that can't be seen to make sure it does not distort the color before using it on the whole jacket.  Remove the cleaner with a slightly dampened cloth.  Make sure there is no residue left because it can break down the stitching. 
  7. Protect your leather jacket.  Although a moisture barrier product is important in preventing rain and other hazards from doing damage to the leather, the downside is when it fills the pores with grease that makes it difficult to clean and condition your jacket.  On a regular basis, however, it is important to apply this moisture barrier, but do so sparingly.  Allow it time to dry and penetrate before wearing your jacket.
  8. Preserve your leather jacket.  Mink oil is well recommended for treating and preserving leather.  It lubricates the fibers, making them soft and flexible, which also  increases durability.  Look for a quality mink oil product that won't over-soften the leather or cause discoloration. 

Tip:  If you don't feel comfortable cleaning and removing stains yourself, take the jacket to a professional cleaner.

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