How To Preserve Newspaper Clippings

If there's been some big news in your life that you'd like to remember, you may wonder how to preserve newspaper clippings so that they don't yellow or fade. There are two basic methods of preserving newspaper clippings.  If you simply want to preserve the information in the clipping for a remembrance, you can make copies.  But if you want to have the actual clipping as a keepsake, you'll need to find a way to protect it from environmental dangers like humidity and light. So let's look at a couple of different options you have with these two methods.

Materials Needed (depending on method used):

  • computer
  • flash drive
  • acid-free copy paper
  • self-adhesive laminate
  • preservative spray



  1. The simplest way of copying your clipping is to scan it to your hard drive or to a portable flash drive. This way, you'll always have it available if you'd like to make a printed copy.
  2. If you want to have actual physical copies, print them out on high quality, acid-free paper. Check in hobby or craft stores where scrapbooking supplies are sold and you'll find a variety of papers and adhesives that work well for preserving newspaper clippings.


  1. Keep clippings in a cool place, away from light and humidity.
  2. You can preserve newspaper clippings by laminating them, but only do this with clippings that are for personal use.  Clippings of historical events lose their value if they've been laminated.
  3. There are preservative, de-acidification sprays available in art and hobby stores for treating newspaper clippings. Treating your newspaper clipping with this spray will help preserve them. 

Don'ts When Preserving Newspaper Clippings

  1. Don't fold, staple or otherwise mutilate the clipping.  It causes faster deterioration. Staples and paper clips can cause permanent stains.
  2. Don't store newspaper clippings in 'magnetic' photo albums.  The adhesive used in this type of album actually speeds up deterioration.
  3. Don't expose clippings to bright light or extreme temperatures. 

By following these tips, you'll be able to preserve newspaper clippings for many years. 

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