How To Preserve A Scorpion

It's a strange request, and likely you had a tough time finding the answer on how to preserve a scorpion on search engines; not many people have such unusual hobbies. However, we have the solution, and it is a lot easier than you probably first imagined. In this article you will discover the supplies you will need in order to preserve a scorpion, and the instructions on how to do it.

Supplies needed to preserve a scorpion:

  • Clear epoxy. Clear epoxy can be found in just about any hardware store. You can also find it online in small jars, or for sale in bulk. It's a bit pricey so shop around before just laying out your cash.
  • A mold. Any mold will do. If you want to place your scorpion into a cube shaped sculpture, find a square mold. There are many shapes out there that you can work with. If you don't want to invest any money in a mold, you can use items you have at home as well, such as garbage bins, ice cube trays, and whatever else you don't mind using.
  • A mask, or open air environment when working.

Method to preserve a scorpion:

  1. Mix your epoxy. The epoxy most likely will come with A and B labeled containers. A and B get mixed in together, but not immediately. You must follow the directions on the particular epoxy you purchased about how much to use and how long to mix them.
  2. Pour epoxy into the mold. Once you have them mixed slowly pour the epoxy into your mold.
  3. Add the scorpion. Once the epoxy is in the mold, slowly add your dead scorpion to the mix.
  4. Allow the mix to cure, and do not touch it or disturb it. If possible leave the mix in a nearby cool temperature room until it is fully cured.
  5. Enjoy your odd new preserved scorpion sculpture.
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