How To Preserve Vintage Sports Memorabilia

Need to know how to preserve vintage sports memorabilia? To keep your sports memorabilia collection looking sharp and its value from decreasing, you need to know how to preserve any vintage sports memorabilia you manage to collect. Anything that damages your vintage memorabilia hurts its overall value.

To preserve vintage sports memorabilia, you will need:

  • A frame with matting supplies
  • A display case
  • Plastic photo/card sheets
  • 60-watt incandescent light bulbs
  • Airtight storage bins
  1. One common sense way to preserve your vintage sports memorabilia is not to use it. Basically, don’t have a "Sandlot" moment where you use your Babe Ruth signed baseball to play a game with your friends.
  2. Since you have already made an investment in your sports memorabilia, making an investment in a display case should not be passed up. Quality cases vary in price and style, from a basic glass baseball holder to a custom bat case with polished wood. Acrylic is an alternative to glass and is unbreakable.
  3. Similar to display cases, you will need to frame any vintage sports photos or lithographs in your collection. Framing your vintage memorabilia keeps it flat and looking great displayed in your home or office. Don’t skimp on framing materials as cheap matting paper can contain high volumes of acid that will stain and fade your memorabilia items.
  4. For large photograph collections, you may not have space to display them all. Plastic storage sheets in a binder are a cheap and portable alternative. Buy PVC sheets so ink does not stick to the plastic sheet.

Once you have chosen the proper display case for you vintage sports memorabilia, you have to start taking environmental conditions into account. The long-term effects of UV rays can fade your vintage memorabilia, so keep items out of direct light. Also, fluorescent lighting can cause UV damage and fading at a slower pace. A 60-watt incandescent light bulb should be used to light your display case or display area. In addition, store your collection in damp or dark locations. Water damage is irreparable, so invest in airtight storage bins if you do need to store your collection.

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