How To Press Boobs

When you're out at the club and see a girl with an amazing rack, you might be wondering to yourself, "how to press boobs?" If only you could just walk up to her and feel her up with no questions asked. Unfortunately, this is likely to get you a nice smack in the face, if not worse. There's an art to getting to touch a nice pair of tits. The art of seduction. Do it the right way and if you're lucky, you may have your hands pressing her boobs all night long.

  1. Spot the boobs you want to press. Keep your eyes open for a nice pair of breasts wherever you go. Chances are, your eyes go there naturally anyway, so this should be pretty easy.
  2. Approach the woman. Once you've found a suitable pair of tits to feel up, you'll have to gain the woman's trust. Unless you're lucky enough to have a girlfriend or wife. Lay on your natural charm and do your best to get her to like you. It may take a few attempts with different girls before you progress to actually getting to touch a nice pair.
  3. Pay her compliments. Once you get the vibe she's into you, give her compliments about how good she looks. Keep your eyes on the prize by glancing downward frequently. A woman knows when her chest is getting checked out. While not all women will be flattered by this, some will. Try to get the conversation focused on her tits. If she likes attention, chances are she'll go along with it. Tell her things like you've never seen a nicer rack in your life. This should increase your chances of actually getting to press her boobs.
  4. Ask her permission to touch them.  Once the conversation moves to how nice her breasts are, be bold and flat out ask if you can touch them. This will go over a lot better than reaching out and grabbing them.
  5. Place one hand on each boob. If the girl doesn't mind getting her boobs pressed, you better take full advantage and use both hands.
  6. Apply gentle pressure to her chest. Take as much of each boob in your hands as you possibly can. Don't push too hard as it may injure the girl. Squeeze them lightly as you take in the moment.
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