How To Press A Shirt

Whether it’s a henley, polo or dress shirt, it’s important to know how to press a shirt. A crisp shirt is one of the first impressions a man gives. Pressing a shirt has a few potential pitfalls. Over-ironing leaves unattractive iron marks and the placket down the center of the shirt is often forgotten. In any case, learning how to press a shirt is a delicate art.

Things you'll need:

  • Shirt
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Starch (optional)
  1. Smooth out the shirt on the ironing board. No worries if you don't have a board handy. Necessity is the mother of invention. Any solid, smooth surface that is about a foot wide will work. Learning how to press a shirt is easier on an actual board after learning on a non-traditional board.
  2. Lay the sleeves down the length of the board, paying close attention to the stitched seams of the shirt, which are usually along the bottom of the sleeve. Iron to enforce the stitched seams and create a crease along the top of the shirt. Make sure the crease is natural for the next ironing.
  3. Press the collar of the shirt by first flipping the collar up and ironing on both sides. There are many ways to press the shirt, but this particular method will avoid wrinkles by starting at the top.
  4. Move to the yoke of the shirt. This is the area immediately below the collar and starting down the back. Press the yoke area and down the back of the shirt.
  5. Turn the shirt over and press the shirt in the front, torso area. Make sure the areas between the buttons are pressed. Press the placket from the bottom of the collar down the end of the shirt.

Learning how to press a shirt is simple. There is often a signature method to press a shirt that's as unique as the color and style of the shirt. Some men may develop their own variations after successfully learning how to press a shirt.

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