How To Prevent Acne

The best way to deal with pimples is to learn how to prevent acne from forming in the first place. This means taking care of your skin by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing; and when you do start to break out, you need to treat the problem area immediately. Here is how you can prevent acne from getting the best of you.

Things you will need to help prevent acne

  • cleanser
  • facial mask/scrub (optional)
  • toner
  • spot treatment
  • and moisturizer
  1. The first step to prevent acne is to wash your face (both in the morning and at night) with the proper cleaner for your skin type. If you have dry skin, use a cream cleanser; for oily skin, use a gel facial wash; and for normal skin, foam works best.
  2. Next, use a facial mask or scrub once a week (or as directed) to cleanse your pores and prevent acne. Face scrubs use small granules to remove particles of dirt from your pores and facial masks tighten the pores to prevent dirt from getting under your skin. (However, if you are currently breaking out in acne, do not use a scrub as it will only irritate the blemishes.)
  3. Then remove dirt and oils from your skin using a facial toner to prevent acne from forming. Pat the toner onto your skin using a cotton pad and let it dry naturally. Caution: do not rub the cotton across your face because it will only irritate your skin cause more pimples to form.
  4. This is where you would use a spot treatment for any current breakouts. Doing so will help get rid of pimples and prevent them from getting more irritated. Apply and wait for it to dry.
  5. Finally, dab a moisturizing face cream onto your face. Dry skin actually breaks out more than oily skin since it has to work harder at producing natural oils. If your skin is oily, use a light moisturizer that contains sunscreen. Damage from the sun is yet another factor in causing acne.

Pimples usually develop when whiteheads or blackheads become infected. To prevent acne from forming in the first place, you will need to take care of your skin by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing regularly.

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