How To Prevent and Treat Tailbone Injuries From Running

Learning how to prevent and treat tailbone injures from running is important. The repetitive nature of running and the uneven pressure placed on hips causes most of tailbone injuries. Tailbone injuries occur when the runner does not keep the hips level. The injury results in a pulled ligament. This condition is referred to as coccydnia, which is the pain associated with the coccyx or tailbone. Here are some ways to prevent and treat these injuries.

  1. Prevent tailbone injuries by running on a flat evenly flat surface. Running on an uneven surface puts undue pressure on the hip area which leads to tailbone injuries. Consider running on a treadmill instead of an uneven road.
  2. Replace running shoes every three months. Running shoes offer support to your legs and hips, but if the soles are worn out, not only will you not receive support but you will run on an uneven surface. This raises the chances of developing tailbone injuries.
  3. Obtain anti-inflammatory medicine from your doctor for tailbone injuries. According to the Cleveland Clinic anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen help reduce the pain and swelling associated with tailbone injuries.
  4. Use a therapeutic cushion in order to treat tailbone injuries. Many health care providers offer therapeutic cushions with an open area that moves the tailbone in place.
  5. Perform exercises that involve stretching. Yoga or other exercises that stretch the ligaments help alleviate the pain and shift the tailbone in place.
  6. Avoid running or bicycling until the injury subsides. Consider low impact exercises such as swimming. Swimming provides the same benefits as running but puts no added stress on the ligaments and joints.

Running often results in many injuries. Learning how to prevent and treat tailbone injuries enhances your running experience and keeps you training.

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