How To Prevent Appendicitis

To date, there are no accurate method to know how to prevent appendicitis. However, you can reduce the risk of dying from appendicitis by understanding the common symptoms of the condition,  in order to obtain prompt treatment before it progresses to a more severe attack. There are some suggested preventive measures but there are no standard ways to prevent appendicitis from occurring. 

  1. Eat foods rich in fibers. There is a high correlation between appendicitis and a low fiber diet. A high fiber diet can be gentle with the digestive system. A soluble fiber diet consists of fruits and vegetables whole grains, wheat bread, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, and celery constitute a non-soluble fiber diet. Maintaining a proper and well-balanced diet can also help prevent appendicitis. Fluid intake is also essential to keep the body sufficiently hydrated.
  2. Be keen enough to recognize its warning symptoms. The most effective measure to prevent appendicitis from progressing to its more severe form would be the recognition of the common early signs of appendicitis. This may include abdominal pain particularly on the right lower quadrant of the belly, felt from the navel down to the lower right side of the belly, and/or vomiting, loss of appetite, swollen abdomen, fever, constipation and nausea. Once left untreated, the infection may progress to cause the rupture of the appendix that will require immediate surgical removal. Hence, it is vital to recognize these symptoms as a way to prevent appendicitis to progress in its more serious condition by getting the right diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Take supplements that would keep the body resistance strong against infection. Beta Carotene, vitamin C, and zinc can enhance the body immunity while coenzyme A aids the body’s process for detoxification. 



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