How To Prevent Baldness

Millions of men would like to know how to prevent male baldness.  But, for a number of young men it may be genetic and if you let nature take its course you are going to have to face that aging receding hairline prematurely.  Some males decide they are just not bothered enough about their overall appearance to worry about losing their hair.  Others look for answers and ideas on what they can do to prevent hair loss, or lessen it.

  1. One commonly known treatment to prevent male baldness is to get hair plugs.  You are mildly sedated, but awake, and doctors insert hair plugs in to your hair follicles.  New hair growth is supposed to come in not long after the procedure if it works.  There are side effects to this.  So you have to decide if it is worth it for you to prevent hair loss.
  2. Another less dangerous way to  prevent male baldness is to try natural remedies.  Add nutrients to your diet like fish oil (you can take it in capsule form), flax seed, and other nutrients that prevent male baldness.  There are people who massage their scalps to encourage their hair to grow longer, faster.  If you think about that, it’s possible that the same treatment could prevent male baldness.  Try massaging your scalp and rubbing olive oil in to your scalp to prevent hair loss.
  3. If none of these work to prevent your male baldness, you may need to do more research or play around with natural ingredients that prevent hair loss.  These ideas will work for some, but not everyone.  Hey, some men can look totally sexy with a half bald head, or no hair.  If you wind up making the most of what you have, keep it nice and groomed and own it.  Losing your hair or being bald is not the worst thing in the world, or the end of the world.
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