How To Prevent Bladder Infections

Learning how to prevent bladder infections can save you a lot of discomfort. Bladder infections can happen to anyone man or woman. In many cases, antibiotic medications are required to cure a bladder infection and some people suffer from them more than others. From proper hand washing to what to drink we will discuss some primary methods to help you prevent or reduce your chances of getting a bladder infection.

Some steps to take to help prevent or avoid bladder infections.

  1. Urinate frequently and make sure you empty your bladder completely.
  2. Wearing cotton underwear and clothing that is loose and non-binding will help reduce the heat in that area and moisture.
  3. Always drink plenty of fluids. Cranberry juice has been known to be very good for preventing bladder infections. It helps prevent bacteria from attaching to the bladder and reduces the risk of infection.
  4. Substances such as coffee and alcohol can irritate the bladder so moderation is the key with these drinks.
  5. Proper hand washing is very important. When washing your hands make sure to wash, with soap, for twenty seconds with warm water. Washing before and after intercourse is a good way for you and your partner to help prevent bladder infections.

Additional tips for women:

  1. Use perfumed soaps, bubble baths, and scented douches in moderation. These can irritate the urethra and make it susceptible to a bladder infection.
  2. If you use a diaphragm make sure it fits properly and do not leave it in too long.
  3. Eating yogurt that contains lactobacilli, a healthy bacteria, can also help prevent bladder infections.

It may not be possible to prevent all infections but these steps will help you to reduce the risk and help you prevent bladder infections. These are also good habits to get into for good hygiene and good health all around. 

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