How To Prevent Fainting

Before you can learn how to prevent fainting, you must first understand what fainting involves. Fainting occurs when the blood flow to the brain isn’t adequate enough to remain conscious. The momentary lack of inadequate blood flow results in a very brief loss of consciousness. While these episodes are brief, serious injuries can occur from falling when fainting. It’s important to learn how to prevent fainting to reduce the risk of injury.

  1. You can learn how to prevent fainting by lying down. If you begin to feel faint, it’s vital you find an area to sit or lie down very quickly. Fainting episode often occur very rapidly and the sooner you can sit or lie down the better. By taking a moment to lie down or sit down, the appropriate supply of blood can be reestablished in the brain. It’s important to take a few minutes to rest before standing back up. When standing up, do so very slowly to reduce the risk of fainting or dizziness.
  2. Learn how to prevent fainting with a sitting technique. There’s a method you can use to prevent fainting while sitting in a chair. When you begin to feel faint, immediately seek a safe place to sit down. While sitting, place your head between your knees and breath deeply. This will return blood flow in the brain to adequate levels. Afterwards, make sure you stand up very slowly so dizziness doesn’t occur.
  3. Learn how to prevent fainting episodes with adequate nutrition. If you’re prone to fainting episodes, it’s important you understand how to reduce the risk of the episodes occurring. An important aspect of preventing fainting involves making sure you eat a properly balanced diet and consume adequate amounts of water. To prevent fainting, always have a bottle of water handy, especially when in the heat, and always eat a balanced meal before participating in outdoor activities.

While fainting can occur for no reason at all, certain people are prone to faint more frequently than others. However, frequent fainting episodes can be a result of a serious underlying health condition. If fainting occurs it’s vital to see a doctor as soon as possible to rule out any medical condition– especially is fainting occurs more than once. A doctor will rule out medical condition, such as anemia, as the cause of the fainting and further explain how to prevent fainting.



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