How To Prevent Fighting In A Relationship

Want to know how to prevent fighting in a relationship? It is not as difficult as you may think. Relationships can be made complicated or kept simple. Basically avoiding fights in a relationship is up to your patience and control of temper.

  1. Freedom is important. Everyone must have basic freedom. To prevent confrontations a couple must respect each other's privacy and never try to be controlling or obsessive. Respecting freedom as an individual liberty is a smart step in preventing fighting in relationships.
  2. Avoiding arguments can be achieved by compromise. If you and your partner have clearly stated your boundaries in the relationship, by using compromise then fighting will be rare. There are boundaries and limits in every relationship not inhibiting basic freedom of course. Compromise does not have to impede on each person's basic rights.
  3. Don't let the jealousy monster take control. Jealousy is vicious and can destroy relationships. In fact, it has many times. Too much obsessive behavior can be destructive to a healthy relationship. After respecting basic freedom and understanding the compromise that was established in the beginning; it is best then to keep a check on jealous behavior patterns.
  4. Pick and choose what is worth fighting about. Insulting words or complaints may start to surface. Instead of jumping to conclusions or retaliating; careful thought is suggested. Actually, counting to ten before retaliation often stops the urge to fight or at least buffers it. This step is very important, as it may end the argument before it begins.
  5. Walk away. If the argument has moved past 'cheap shots' then it is time to walk out of the room. Literally removing yourself from the locale of the fight is best, especially when your temper is beginning to flare. Sometimes, after a breath of fresh air or time alone can add new perspective to the situation and maybe offer an idea of a resolution.
These steps can and will prevent fighting in relationships; in fact they will teach you how, over the course of time to KNOW how to prevent fighting in a relationship no matter how long the union has lasted. Keep these steps in mind and you will conquer those little awkward moments and fits of anger.
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