How To Prevent High Cholesterol

Learning how to prevent high cholesterol should be foremost on your mind when you visit your doctor. High cholesterol can cause heart disease and strokes, because plaque and fat deposits can build up in your arteries. The accepted cholesterol level for good health is 200 mg/dl or lower. If you have low cholesterol it's important to live a healthy life style to prevent high cholesterol down the road. Should your cholesterol be high life style changes may be needed.

Prevent High Cholesterol

  1. Eat healthy foods.
  2. Lose weight if needed.
  3. Live an active life style.

While preventing high cholesterol before it becomes a danger is the ideal solution, there are many things you can do to lower high cholesterol levels.

How to Lower High Cholesterol with Diet

  1. Only eat foods that are in low in saturated-fat, and trans-fat free.  Vegetables, grains and lean meats are good choices.
  2. Limit your intake of egg yolks, butter, whole milk, cream, and ice cream.
  3. Trim excess fat off meat.
  4. Avoid high processed fat foods like sausage, hot dogs and salami.
  5. Do not use saturated oil like coconut oil, palm oil when cooking.

Cook Your Way to Low Cholesterol

  1. Drain excess fat when broiling or baking.
  2. Avoid pan frying. Bake or grill instead.
  3. Eliminate excess fat from meat, and remove skin from poultry before cooking.
  4. If you must serve high fat food, dole out smaller portions.
  5. Make use of egg whites or egg substitutes in your recipes, not yolks.
  6. Use only low-fat cheese in your food preparation.

Finally, talk to your doctor. Ask questions, especially if heart disease and strokes run in your family. Be active, lose weight and eat right. Doing so will help prevent high cholesterol in the future.



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