How To Prevent Impotence

If you are worried about becoming impotent as you age, learn how to prevent impotence with these easy steps. A quarter of men over 65 suffer from impotence, but you can stave it off as long as possible by keeping yourself healthy. Here’s how:

  1. Exercise Studies have shown that men who engage in moderate exercise everyday are less likely to become impotent with age. In general, men with healthy lifestyles – men who exercise, eat well, stay hydrated and aren’t overweight – are less likely to suffer from impotence.
  2. Diabetes Diabetics are more likely to be impotent. Treating your diabetes or taking measures to not develop diabetes is another good way to prevent impotence.
  3. Quit Smoking Cigarettes and other tobacco products increase the chances of impotence because they narrow blood vessels. Add “preventing impotence” to your reasons for quitting.
  4. Drink In Moderation Long term alcohol abuse is another common cause of impotence. The occasional drunkenness isn’t going to slow you down, but alcoholism is definitely detrimental to your overall health and has been linked to impotence.
  5. Psychological Causes Many men who suffer from impotence also experience depression, anxiety and stress. Take vacations, relax in your free time, and don’t get too sucked into your job. Seek help for depression and anxiety and take care of your mental health to prevent your mind interfering with your erections.
  6. Talk About It! Remember that erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of. The shame surrounding impotence can create a cycle of guilt and embarrassment that will keep you in the mental state that caused your impotence in the first place. Learn to talk openly with both your lover and your doctor. The better you are at being open about the problems you are experiencing, the more help you will be able to find.



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