How To Prevent Ringworm

Wondering how to prevent ringworm? Do people you work out with or even live with have this fungal infection? Could your dog or cat possibly be infected? Ringworm is easily caught and easily spread. Find out how to prevent ringworm and treat this problem before it begins.

  1. Boost your immune system. One of the reasons that people get bacterial, viral and fungal infections is that their immune systems are weak. Strengthen your body's natural defenses to prevent ringworm. Take nutritional supplements such as garlic, vitamin C, the B-complex vitamins and probiotics.
  2. Eat to prevent ringworm. Make sure your diet is well-balanced and rich in foods that will help ward off any type of infection. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, yogurt, seafood and garlic. Avoid sugary and processed foods, alcohol and soda.
  3. Stay clean. An important step for preventing ringworm is keeping the skin and hands clean. Shower regularly and wash with an antibacterial soap. Change clothes after exercising.
  4. Stay dry. This fungal infection thrives in a moist environment. Wear breathable, cotton clothing and be sure to keep the skin dry after bathing or working out to help prevent ringworm.
  5. Use tea tree oil. If you think you have come into contact with this fungus by touching another person or an animal's infected skin, apply this anti-fungal treatment. To use tea tree oil to prevent ringworm, dilute five or six drops in a tablespoon of any kind of vegetable oil. Dab onto the skin with a cotton ball or clean cloth.

Knowing how to prevent ringworm is important for protecting yourself and others from a fungal infection. Take care of your body and you probably won't have to deal with ringworm at all.


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