How To Prevent Running Cramps

Running is less than enjoyable if you do not know how to prevent running cramps. If you have avoided running because you experience cramps shortly after pounding the pavement, do not despair. A few simple adjustments to your routine can help make your next run, cramp free.

In order to learn how to prevent running cramps, you will need:

  • Stretching
  • Good posture
  • Deep breathing
  1. Stretch before you run if you want to know how to prevent running cramps. Raise your arms up above your head, bend slowly at the waist, to the left and then to the right. This exercise will stretch out your torso and help to prevent running cramps.
  2. Stand up straight Good posture will help to build a strong core, which will aid in your ability to learn how to prevent running cramps. Abdominal exercises also help to strengthen your core will also prevent running cramps.
  3. Wait at least two hours before going out for a run if you have just eaten a big meal to prevent running cramps. Running on a full stomach will not only make running uncomfortable, it can actually induce, instead of prevent, running cramps.
  4. Sip your water when you are out for a run in order to prevent running cramps. Don’t guzzle down a bottle of water when you begin to feel overheated. Instead, sip your drink. Large amounts of water entering your body as you exercise can lead to running cramps.
  5. Breathe deeply as you run. Labored breathing or holding your breath as you run can bring on cramps. Steady breathing, inhaling in and out, deeply as you run, will reduce the likelihood that you will experience cramping.

Tips: If you get a cramp while running, bend over and pull your stomach in several times. Tightening your stomach muscles can help alleviate the cramping.

Warnings: Do not avoid drinking water when you are out for a run. Too little water is just as bad as too much when it comes to knowing how to prevent running cramps.

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