How To Prevent Sesamoid Bone Stress Fractures When Running

In order to learn how to prevent Sesamoid stress fractures, you must learn what causes them. Learning what causes Sesamoid stress fractures is the only way to prevent them. Sesamoid stress fractures are the result of a harsh trauma to the area. The injury is typically the result of a falling accident or blunt force to the area. A Sesamoid stress fracture results in pain and swelling.

  1. While you can not prevent Sesamoid stress fractures, you can learn what the symptoms are if you already suspect the injury. Minor fractures to the area generally result in mild pain and inflammation. However, serious Sesamoid stress fractures can cause damage to the joint. The area is usually tender to the touch and pain increases during movement.
  2. Sesamoid stress fractures require proper treatment in order to heal correctly. For mild injuries, general treatment includes immobilizing the area for a minimal for six weeks. Activities during this time should be avoided to prevent the injury from intensifying. While this treatment only lasts six weeks, the full healing of the area can take up to six months. Activity should be limited to reduce the risk of the injury flaring up.

Even though you can not prevent Sesamoid stress fractures, they are fairly easy to recover from, should the injury have occurred. However, if proper treatment is not followed and in cases of severe injuries, serious complications can occur. Joint deformities are likely in severe fractures, which can lead to limited mobility of the joint. Pain can continue for quite some time after Sesamoid stress fractures.

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