How To Prevent Socks From Ripping

Going through too many pairs of socks, and need to know how to prevent socks from ripping? The biggest problem with socks aside from getting dirty is that they can be easily damaged, especially when not taken care of properly. Learn how to prevent socks from ripping and keep all your socks hole free.

  1. Clip toenails. When toenails go long and out of control, it can cause damage and holes in your socks. Try to clip your nails occasionally to prevent socks from ripping and you will thank yourself later and save and constant trips to the store to buy a new pair of socks.
  2. Wash socks with 'friendly' laundry detergent. Most people wear white socks, and haven grown up being told to wash white clothes with bleach. But the result of bleaching with harsh chemicals can sometimes cause socks to rip.
  3. Buy quality socks. Although there is nothing wrong with getting a great deal on a pair of socks for a cheaper price, but should only plan to wear them occasionally. If you want your socks to last longer, you should pay extra for socks with durable material that will last and not rip easily.
  4. Avoid wearing only socks. When you are at home, it is fine to get a little comfortable and not wear shoes as a way of giving your feet a little rest. But constantly walking around with only socks on eventually will wear them out, and cause them to rip. Instead of ruining your socks invest in a pair of house shoes.
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