How To Prevent Turning When Olly-ing In Skateboarding

Learning  how to prevent turning when olly-ing in skateboarding may take some time for those skaters new to the trick. Turning while ollying is a common problem among skaters. However, turning when ollying can be fixed with a bit of practice and patience.

  1. Lean Forward. The easiest way to fix the leading factor for turning while ollying is to lean forward during the ollie. When performing an ollie, lean toward the nose of the skateboard. Keep up your momentum in the direction you are skating to ensure leaning forward does not take away from your spin.
  2. Square Your Shoulders. If leaning forward does not seem to be the source causing you to turn while ollying, a lack of firmness in your shoulders could be the issue. While ollying, make your shoulders as square as you can and avoid hunching all the way over your skateboard. Hunching over your skateboard can through off your foot placement prevent you from jumping correctly, thus turning mid olly.
  3. Foot Placement. Where you place your feet while ollying can be another factor causing you to spin while performing the trick. Move your foot placement on the back end of the board around to different positions. When you pop mid olly, make sure you pop your foot straight down. Pushing or pulling the board in the slightest during an olly can cause the skateboard to turn.
  4. Jump Correctly. Another way to prevent turning when olly-ing in skateboarding is to jump correctly. It is important to jump forwards and up off your back foot. This can help with popping and ultimately lessen the chances of pushing the board down while popping.



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