How To Print Desktop

Need to know how to print desktop? Printing the desktop is fairly simple to do. There are many reasons you may want to print a picture of the desktop. The most popular is to capture an image of the screen exactly as it is. This image could show many different applications opened on the screen at one time, and would be useful in situations where you would like to share your screen image with someone else.

You will need:

  • Printer

To print desktop:

  1. To print desktop in Windows, open the applications you may wish to capture in-screen. The image you will capture will be of your desktop exactly as how it is. Make sure you do not overlap applications you may wish to show.
  2. If you are on a desktop computer and want to print desktop, look on your keyboard look for a key called “Prt Sc” otherwise known as “print screen”
  3. If you are using a laptop and want to print desktop, you may need to press a key combination. Look for key labeled “FN”. Press this and hold it down while pressing the “Prt Sc”.
  4. To print desktop on a Mac computer you must press three keys together: the "command" key, the "shift" key, and the number "3".
  5. After you have pressed these keys you can save the "screenshot" made to the desktop. In the Mac, this is done automatically. Now you can open the image and print it using a connected printer.
  6. Make sure the printer is turned on and connected correctly. If you wish to share the "screenshot" with someone by email, you can attach the file as an attachment in the email program. Make sure that the saved "screenshot" image is in a format the other user can view.

Warning: Always be careful when sharing or printing the desktop, especially if sensitive information is displayed on the desktop.



Microsoft Support

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