How To Produce An Internet TV Show

People are finding it easier to learn how to produce an Internet TV show. Video podcasting has become very popular for this very reason. There are podcasts on the Internet today that have become very popular and have followings of hundreds of millions of people. All you need is some equipment, a camera and a great idea, and you’ll produce an Internet TV show millions of people can enjoy.

  1. Planning. A lot of people just dive into projects without giving them too much thought. It is extremely important that you sit down and plan everything out before you produce an Internet TV show, such as deciding what your show is about, if you need a script, if you need actors, etc. Preparation will ensure the best product possible.
  2. Shoot the scenes. You will need to film scenes for your Internet TV show. It is best to shoot these scenes using a digital video camera. This will enable you to upload the video to your website. You need to keep the camera at the subject’s eye level on most occasions. Bright light needs to be behind you and not your subject. You should start recording 10 seconds before the action starts and do not stop recording until a few seconds after the action ends. It is a good idea to take several takes so you have more options.
  3. Using video editing software, edit the show. Note that the size of your video is something you need to keep a watch out for. If you put a video on the Internet and it takes a long time to load people won’t watch it.  The largest your video should be is 2GB or under.  It is best for the video to be around five minutes long.
  4. Upload your video. You can upload your video to popular websites like YouTube. YouTube has an uploader on their site that helps you upload your videos. You can also upload it to your own website if you have one. Having your own website seems more professional if this is the type of show you are doing. 
  5. Advertise. After all your hard work you want people to see your TV show so you will need to advertise. You can email friends, put signs up around your neighborhood or social networking sites. Use your imagination and you will think of many ways to get the word out about all the hard work you have put in to learn how to produce your Internet TV show.

Now that you’ve learned how to produce an Internet TV show you can do a lot with it.  It takes work to get it out there for people to see it but will be well worth it.



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