How To Program a ’97 Ford Escort Remote

Knowing how to program a remote for a '97 Ford Escort is a quick and easy process. Ford uses the same keyless entry system in many of its vehicles; therefore, many other Ford vehicles use a similar programming sequence. Get your keyless remote set up to enjoy the perks of keyless unlocking.

To program a '97 Ford Escort remote, you will need:

  • Remote
  • Keys
  • '97 Ford Escort
  1. Verify the equipment. Contact any Ford dealer and ask to speak to the service department. Read off your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to the representative. Ask the representative if your '97 Ford Escort came equipped with factory keyless entry. If it did, you will be able to program a remote for the car. If it did not, you will be unable to do so.
  2. Initialize the sequence. Put the key in the ignition hold and turn it five times rapidly between "Off" and "Run." In the last turn cycle, leave the key in "Run." Perform this within ten seconds to initialize the programming sequence. You'll hear the Escort's doors lock.
  3. Program the remote. Press any button on the remote to program it to the '97 Escort. After pressing the button, the door locks will engage. Press the button within 20 seconds to program the remote. After programming the first remote, you can program another one by pressing any button on it as well.


  • If your remote will not program, you can try replacing the battery. A bad battery prevents the Escort's remote from working. To replace the Escort remote's battery, pry open the remote with a flathead screwdriver. Examine the battery, purchase an identical replacement and insert it into the slot in the same position. Put the remote pieces back together to snap them together.
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