How to Program Audi A4 Remote

Learn how to program Audi A4 remote in this article. The keyless remote and key itself is all one unit for the Audi A4. If you own an Audi A4, you may experience trouble with your keyless entry remote or may just want to purchase a second keyless entry remote to use with your A4. When you purchase a new remote, it needs programming in order for you to use it with your particular A4. Programming an Audi A4 remote is simple and straight-forward with these steps.

To program an Audi A4 remote, you will need:

  • Programmed Audi A4 key
  • Second unprogrammed Audi A4 key
  1. Open the door and place one key into the ignition. Switch the vehicle to the "On" setting but do not start the engine.
  2. Get out of the vehicle. Lower the driver's window and close the door.
  3. Place the key remote that you want to program into the lock in the driver's side door. Turn the key to lock the door.
  4. Press the "lock" button on the key remote that you want to program twice sequentially. Make a note of the hazard lights. They should flash twice after you do this.
  5. Press the "unlock" button on the newly programmed key and unlock the door. Open the door and remove the original key.
  6. Press the "lock" button on the original key that was in the ignition. It should lock the door. If not, then repeat these steps with the original key while only pressing the "lock" button only once. Doing this stores the original key in position "1" and the alternate key in position "2."
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