How to Program Audi Key

Knowing how to program Audi key is a skill that beneficial to anyone who owns that brand. Avoid the hassle of car dealerships or locksmiths when you program your own automotive key. Learning how to program Audi key is not difficult or time consuming. A few words of instruction are needed to get you started.

To program Audi key, you will need:

  • Two Audi keys
  • Audi car

To avoid confusion, the keys are identified as Key one = not being programmed and Key two = to be programmed.

  1. Start with setting off engine. Put key one in ignition as first step in how to program Audi key. Turn the key slightly forward until you hear a tick sound.
  2. Lock doors and leave key. Utilize key two for closing and locking of driver’s side door as a continuation of the how to program Audi key process. Let key two remain in the car door.
  3. Test for achievement. Use key two and press the Unlock button as the trial component of how to program Audi key task. Success is accomplished when the car lights flash, but doors remain unlocked.
  4. Check key capacity. Take the key out of the door and try the remote operations. Play around with all functions ensuring that the how to program Audi key is complete.
  5. Continue programming key. Keep key two in the car door as you repeat the unlock then lock sequence. Replicating significant elements are important in the how to program Audi key task.
  6. Complete the process. Removing the key in the ignition is the last step in the how to program Audi key process. You have succeeded in how to program you automotive key. 


The other key can be programmed by having the keys switch roles

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