How to Program BMW Garage Door Opener

You have just purchased a new BMW and want to know how to program a BMW garage door opener. Remote garage door openers are very convenient and make it easy to access your garage door from a distance in your car. The difference with some BMW's is the remote is built into your car and you can program it to work with almost any garage system. With a few minutes of your time and a few simple steps, you can easily program your BMW garage door opener.

To program BMW garage door opener you need:

  • garage and garage door opener
  • BMW garage door opener system
  1. Reset any old codes. With your ignition turned off on your BMW, press and hold the two outer buttons located on your transmitter system. Hold these buttons until the red indicator light starts to flash, and then release them. This will reset any old codes once stored in the system.
  2. Program the Home Link system. Place your garage door opener near the BMW system inside of your car. Press and hold the remote open button simultaneously with the correct program button on your Home Link system.
  3. Release the buttons. Hold the buttons until the BMW system's light starts flashing, and then release the buttons.
  4. Complete the programming. On the BMW system press and hold the "Trained" button until the light glows. The BMW garage door opener is programmed when the "Trained" button glows. If the BMW system does not glow and continues to blink, locate and press the "Smart" button on the back of your garage door motor and then press and hold the "Trained" button on your BMW system. Release the button after a couple of seconds. The light should glow and your programming will be complete.



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