How to Program BMW Key

It is common to lose the keys to your car, but when there is no extra key, knowing how to program a BMW key is an excellent skill to have handy. Knowing how to program a new BMW key or making a BMW back-up key is crucial to quickly getting a working key for your vehicle. There are several ways to program a BMW key, but all methods require a blank key. Purchase the blank key at a BMW dealer or on the BMW website. Once the key arrives, the fun will begin. The entire process of learning how to program a BMW key takes less than five minutes to learn and less than five minutes to actually program. In no time, your new BMW key will start your engine.

  1. Get in the vehicle, remembering to close all the doors and windows with both keys in tow. This allows the programming process to commence properly and allows the electronic signals to remain inside the vehicle. Make certain you are sitting on the driver's side.
  2. Insert the working key into the ignition. Once the working key is in the ignition, turn the key to the first position. Within five seconds, turn the key back to the initial position (position zero). Perform this step swiftly.
  3. Remove the working key. After quickly turning the ignition, remove the initial key from the ignition quickly. Now the electronic system is prepared to program a blank BMW key.
  4. Program the new BMW key. To begin the actual process and program a blank BMW key, hold the blank key near the top of the car in your left hand. The remote receiver antenna is closest to this point and allows for better reception.
  5. Repeat holding the unlock button and the lock button. On the blank key, repeat this process of holding down the unlock button while pressing the lock button three times quickly. Then, release the unlock button and the doors should lock and unlock. This confirms the programming of the BMW key.

Now that you know how to program a BMW key, you should never have to call a professional again to make a costly key for you.



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