How to Program BMW Remote

So you have somehow messed up and now you need to know how to program a BMW remote. After you freak out, calm down and continue reading. Programming a car’s remote sounds difficult and mysterious, but it is simple and accessible. The directions below will help you properly program your BMW remote.

To program BMW remote, you will need:

  • A Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) automobile
  • Keys to the BMW
  • Remote control for the BMW

 Preparation step: Enter the BMW and lock all doors. All actions to program the vehicle’s remote will be completed while inside the car.

  1. Arrange the key. Insert the key in the car ignition; this is the first step of programming BMW remote. Turn the key to first position (frontward) then back.
  2. Start the coding process. Remove the key from the ignition, then press the UNLOCK button located on car remote for fifteen to twenty seconds. 
  3. Make important timed step. Press the LOCK button on vehicle remote three times within seven seconds to continue the programming process. Correct timing and quick movements are an important aspect of programming your BMW remote.
  4. Let go of both buttons. This is the final step of programming a BMW remote.  Success is confirmed when the car remote can lock and unlock doors.

The process of how to program a BMW remote is finished. You have fulfilled the tasks needed for your newly obtained car remote. If your car had problems during this process, then take it a professional to be serviced.

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