How To Program A Direct TV Remote

Need to know how to program a DirecTV remote? To program any remote to function with your other components can be, well, just frustrating. To lessen the stress, always remember that all remotes have devices they will not program to, as there are only so many codes the remote can handle. There are a lot of new devices, TVs and Blu-ray players that a DirecTV remote just will not function with. The DirecTV remote is actually one of the most advanced and easiest to work with once you get the hang of it. Also, keep in mind that the universal remote DirecTV uses will only program and function for three other devices, other than your DirecTV receiver.

To program your DirecTV remote, you will need:

  • A fully functional DirecTV remote
  • New batteries
  • Internet access
  • Patience 
  1. The key step in this whole process is to ensure you have either new or good batteries in the remote . These remotes seem to not function near as well when the batteries are low.
  2. Go to DirecTV's website and enter the keywords "program remote," and you will be given the link to click to pull up the proper page. There will be different remotes listed, so pick the remote you have; the model number is listed on the upper-left portion of the remote. You will be taken to the next screen where you will pick the device, model and serial number to get the best list of codes for entry. The screen should give you only one code with a link to get more codes. Try the single code first; if it fails, then get more codes.
  3. To program your DirecTV remote, slide the slider switch to the desired item you want to program in. Place it to the far left for the DirecTV receiver. Device one, device two and TV are positions two, three and four. Press and hold simultaneously the "mute" and "select" buttons. Watch the remote's light as it should flash twice. Enter the numeric code using the key pad, and once entered the remote's light will flash twice again. Test the remote for functionality by pushing the on/off button or testing using the volume button. If required, enter and test all the codes provided if each of the prior codes does not work.
  4. Program other devices into the DirecTV remote by following the same instructions for each device. The remote is designed to operate both the DirecTV receiver and the TV by keeping the little slider switch in the DTV position. It is highly recommended to keep the remotes that come with your devices as you never know when they will be needed (if the DirecTV remote were to go out, for instance). This is uncommon, but like all other remotes, the DirecTV remote can wear out.

Note that pointing the remote away from the DirecTV receiver and other devices while programming is recommended. Once a code is entered, point it back towards the device to test.

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