How To Program Honda Civic 2005 Key Entry Remote

Learning how to program Honda Civic 2005 key entry remote can save you time and money. Instead of making a trip to your local Honda dealer to have the remote programmed, you can do it from home. You can only program a key entry remote for Honda Civic 2005 models equipped with factory keyless entry. Programming it from home is ideal if your old one is broken or if you've lost it.

To program the key entry remote on a 2005 Honda Civic, you will need:

  • Keyless remote
  • CR2025 battery
  • Car keys
  1. Install the battery. If you purchased a new remote, you'll first need to install the battery. If you purchased a used remote, it may already have a battery and this step may be omitted. Install the battery by flipping the unit over and removing the battery cover with the edge of a coin. Insert the battery with the positive contact facing up.
  2. Begin the procedure. Insert the key and turn it to slot "II." Press "Unlock" on the remote, and then turn the key to "Off." Then turn the key back to "II." Press "Unlock" again, turn the key back to "Off," and then turn it back to "II."
  3. Synchronize the transmitter. Press "Unlock" on the remote again, and then turn the key to "Off." Then turn it back to "II." Press "Unlock." At this point, you'll hear the door locks engage. This lets you know the system is ready for synchronization. Press "Lock" to program it to the Honda Civic.

Tips: Program more than one remote by repeating step three with the next device.



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