How To Program Motorola Radios

You are not familiar with programming radios and need to know how to program Motorola radios. Motorola radios are representative of Motorola programming and can adequately send and receive data; despite the restrictive number of channels it is still is a good radio. Motorola radios have twenty channels that are available for programming .The memory channels can send and receive standard offset as well as transmit frequency. You can easily program Motorola radios by following a few steps.

To program Motorola radios you need:

  • Motorola radio
  1. Enter the frequency. Figure out the receive frequency that you would like to use on your Motorola radio. Enter the frequency on the numeric keypad that you are going to use. Once you've entered all six digits the radio will automatically tune in to that frequency.
  2. Select the transmit offset and offset frequency. You can either have a standard or positive or negative offset or your can define it yourself. To toggle between offsets press the "OFS" button on the Motorola radio. The offsets will show up on the screen with a plus for a standard positive offset and a minus for a standard negative offset. None will show up on the screen for no offset and for a user defined transmit frequency you have the plus/minus option.
  3. Program the transmit frequency. Press the "OFS" button and wait for the plus and minus indicators to flash and then release the "OFS" button. Use the numeric keypad to enter the transmit frequency that you would like to add. To add the user defined transmit frequency to the receive frequency on your Motorola radio, press the "Toggle Light/Enter" and the "Parameter Transfer" button.
  4. Store the data to the channel selected. Press the "Toggle Light/Enter" and the "Parameter Transfer" button again until "PchXX" appears on the screen. The "XX" will be the last channel selected. Select a channel, and if it isn't already programmed it will flash. To store the data to that channel press the "Toggle Light/Enter" and the "Parameter Transfer" button once more. Your Motorola radio is now programmed.
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