How To Program A Radio Shack Scanner

Learning how to program Radio Shack scanner does not equal a frustrating task. Scanners can provide enjoyment and can easily save the information of your favorite frequencies. A clear process is all that is needed for you to achieve how to program Radio Shack scanner. Keep reading to learn how to complete the task.

To program Radio Shack Scanner, you will need:

  • Frequency numbers that you want stored
  • Radio Shack scanner
  1. Begin the process. The first step in how to program Radio Shack scanner task is to press the button marked PGM on the console as it will make PGM appear on the screen.
  2. Store a selection to the channel. Select a number location to store the frequency on as you learn how to program Radio Shack scanner. After entering the number, select the PGM button again.
  3. Enter the numbers. Input the numerals of the first frequency to be programmed in the communication machine using decimal points when needed. Correctly entering accurate frequency numbers is mandatory when attempting the mission of how to program Radio Shack scanner.
  4. Save the information. Select the ENT button to deposit the entered data in the scanner. Testing the channel number you previously entered is a good way to prove success in the how to program Radio Shack scanner activity.
  5. Repeat the cycle. Add more frequency codes to the scanner by using the PGM, channel number, PGM sequence that was used for the first channel. Complete the storing of each code by using the ENT and PGM buttons to finish the how to program Radio Shack scanner process.


  • Mistakes entering codes will display the word "Error"
  • Use the "TUNE (CLEAR)" button to cancel programming 



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