How To Program RCA Remote Control

Learning how to program RCA remote is essential for anyone who likes watching TV. It can be a frustrating process if you have thrown away or lost the instructions. Help is easy with a few fragments of information. Soon watching the game will be easy without any hassles. View the procedure below on how to program RCA remote.

To program RCA remote, you will need:

  • TV
  • Codes for TV brand
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • RCA remote with batteries


  1. Turn on TV. Use the power button located on the television set as the beginning step of how program RCA remote. Not operating the remote at this first stage is a critical component of the programming process.
  2. Enter codes. Hold the button labeled Code Search until the display light begins. Next press the TV button let it blink, then a continuous light. Enter your TV brand’s code.
  3. Test the attempt. Point the remote at the television and press the Off key. The TV turning off means you have successfully completed the how to program RCA remote on the first try. If your television stays on continue reading.
  4. Try again. Hold the Code Search key down and depress after the light flashes while trying again to program RCA remote. Use the TV button pressing only once as you did before. Now enter the next three digit code for the TV.
  5. Continue. Go through the list of codes for your brand television. Patience is needed to complete successfully the how to program RCA remote. Record the digits that operate your console.

Tips: Indicator light flashes twice when wrong code used.

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