How To Program A Remote Control For A Sony Hd TV

You just purchased a Sony HD TV and need to know how to program a remote control for a Sony HD TV? Programming a new remote at first can seem a lot harder than it really is. Sony HD TV remote controls can easily be set to program all the components in your entertainment center. You are able to set Sony HD TV remotes at a variety of options of which you are comfortable with. Once you figure out the basics for programming the Sony TV you will be able to set it up to control all additional devices. Within a few minuets you can have your Sony HD TV remote programmed and ready to go.

To program a remote control for a Sony HD TV you need:

  • Sony HD TV
  • remote control
  1. Access the remote programming mode.  Press the "Set" and "Mode" button simultaneously on the Sony HD TV remote to enter into the programming mode.
  2. Link your remote to your TV.  Take your Sony HD TV remote and point it towards the television and press the "TV" button. You will know that your remote is linked to your TV because the "Set" and "TV" button indicator lights will light up and remain lit.
  3. Find your Sony HD TV codes.  Press the channel "Up" button followed by the "Power button. This will access the first code. Continue to press the channel "Up" button followed by the "Power" button to search through the codes until the TV turns on.
  4. Save the TV code.  When the TV has found the correct code and turned on, press the "ENT" button to save the code. You can test the saved code by pressing the "Power" button on the Sony HD TV remote control. The proper code was saved successfully if the TV powers on. If needed, search through additional codes until the correct one is located.
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