How To Program Universal Remote Control

After purchasing a backup for your remote control, learn how to program universal remote control. These cheaper remote control alternatives are easy to program and will control all of your electronic entertainment devices. Universal remotes generally cost about $5 depending on what model you purchase. But to purchase a new remote control for your brand of TV will cost a lot more and may still not last as long as the first remote that came with your TV.

  1. Manually turn on your TV set. Push the button labeled search for codes. Now push the TV button on the universal remote control and hold it until you hear it beep. Now enter the codes listed in your universal remote control instruction manual for your brand of TV. This will set up your remote to control your TV set.
  2. Manually turn on your VCR. Push the VCR button on the universal remote control and hold it until the remote beeps again. Enter the codes listed for your brand of VCR. Your remote is now programmed to control your VCR.
  3. Manually turn on your DVD player. Push the button labeled DVD and hold it in and wait for the beeps. Enter the codes listed in the manual for your DVD player. Your universal remote is now programmed to control all functions of your DVD player.
  4. Continue repeating these steps for your AUX and your BluRay player if they are listed on your universal remote control so that it controls these devices as well.
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