How To Program A Volvo Radio

Do you want to know how to program a Volvo radio? The battery on your car went dead, you replaced it, and now you cannot get your Volvo radio working. Some car companies puts a security code in their radios to keep thieves from stealing the radios in Volvo vehicle, so when the radio stops working, you will have to program your Volvo radio all over again. Follow the steps below to learn how to program your Volvo radio. Each Volvo radio has its own unique code and you will need to find that code to program your Volvo radio.

What You Will Need

  • Owner’s manual
  • Serial number of radio
  • VIN
  • Telephone
  • Internet access
  1. You want to program your Volvo’s radio. Look in your glove compartment. Look in your owner’s manual and check the section about your radio. See if the company put your radio security code in your owner’s manual. This is the easiest thing to check.
  2. Call up a Volvo dealership and ask them to look up your security code for your radio. They will either ask you for your VIN number or the serial number of your radio. Most dealers will be able to find the security code with just the VIN number. This is as long as the radio is the original radio for the car you are driving.
  3. Okay so you had no luck programming your Volvo radio. This happens sometimes. Security codes are put on some radios like this for a reason. However, it can be more of a hardship to an owner than a thief. It could be your radio has been swapped in the past. Pull the radio out and look at the serial number, the dealership may have written the code on the radio because they knew it was not the original radio. Put in the code. There may also be a sticker on the back of the radio unless the dealership pulled it off.
  4. Didn’t work. Sometimes, the code is written on the serial number itself. Look at the serial number closely. Look for a four digit code written on or around the serial number (the number is on a sticker on the back of your radio). This is the code you are looking for. Great security, Volvo. Put in the number and your radio should now work.
  5. Last resort: there are websites on the internet that give out your serial code. Some online web sites will give you the code for your Volvo car radio for a price. You will have to give them the VIN number of your car to get this information.
  6. You have found the security code for your Volvo radio. You can now finally program your Volvo radio. Program your Volvo radio, sit back, and listen to your favorite tunes. You deserve the break for all the hard work you had to do.


  • Radio code is on a sticker on the back of your radio
  • Dealership will need your VIN number
  • You can buy your radio security code online
  • The radio code is not as secure as you may think
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