How To Propane Camp Stoves

Do you cook on a propane stove and need advice on how to propane camp stoves? A propane camp stove is a one, two or three burner stove that uses propane fuel  to cook. A propane stove is great when the electricity goes out or you are going camping. This is an easy way to cook and food tastes better. Maybe because it's cooked outdoors but anyhow, it still tastes great. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to cooking great food for friends and family. on propane camp stoves.


  1. The propane tank is usually a metal cylinder that contains the propane fuel. Attach the cylinder to a hose that is rigid or a flexible hose which a coupling attaches to. This allows the fuel to flow freely to the stove.
  2. Once hoses are attached to the cylinder you're now ready to light the camp stove. To do this open the main control valve of the burner. Look on the valve itself, there should be a place that indicates where to stop the opening.
  3. Most camp stoves today have an ignitor button to start the flame. Push the ignitor button so the flame will appear. Once the burner is lit, adjust your burner to the desired height you want the flame for cooking.
  4. There are a number of camping cookware that are available for camp stoves. However, many prefer the good old cast iron cookware. It seems to cook food better.
  5. Once cooking is complete turn the burner or burners off. Then turn the propane valve to the off position. Allow the camp stove to cool completely before packing away.
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