How To Properly Shave Your Pubic Hair

With grooming your sexual region becoming more popular, it is important to know how to shave your public hair. The region where pubic hair grows can be very difficult to shave especially for men. The skin in the pubic hair region is much more sensitive. You also have a higher chance of razor burn and ingrown hairs. There is a proper technique that can help decrease these risks while effectively removing pubic hair.

Supplies you will need to properly shave your pubic hair:

  • A small mirror
  • A comb
  • Sharp hair cutting scissors
  • A new razor
  • Shaving cream or gel
  • Body or face scrub
  • After shave gel


  1. Pick your supplies. The quality of the shave is determined a lot by the quality of the products you use. If you have sensitive skin then you should look for a product designed for sensitive skin. There are even special products designed for use in the public hair region. If you have trouble finding such products, look for the ones designed for a woman’s bikini area. Also a scrub meant for use on your face can be used instead of a body scrub.
  2. Trim the hair first. If you have never shaved your pubic hair or have not in a long time them it might be very long. Use a comb and very sharp scissors meant for use on hair. Dull scissors will pull at the hair when it is cut and cause irritation.
  3. Decide if you want to shave your testicles. It is recommended and more popular for men just to trim to hair on their testicles. This is also much safer. The skin on the testicles is wrinkled, which makes it very easy to cut. If you do decide to shave your testicles then you should do it immediately after step four and make sure you keep the skin taut.
  4. Take a warm shower. Warm water will help soften the skin and decrease the chance for irritation to occur in the public hair region. During the shower use the scrub you have picked out. This will help remove any ingrown hairs. Use the scrub only on the pubic hair region and be careful not to get it near the head of your penis.
  5. Pat the pubic hair dry. Rubbing will irritate the skin. Make sure you use plenty of shaving cream or gel. When you shave you should do so in the direction of the hair growth. Use the small mirror so you can better see what you are doing. Many men find it helpful to place one foot on the toilet lid to provide a good position in which to shave in.
  6. Now apply any after shave gel that you have picked out. Make sure you have cleaned the area before apply with warm water. If the area itches after shaving then you can use an anti-itch cream such as cortisone to help sooth the skin.
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