How To Protect Suede Shoes

Before you take that new pair of shoes out your front door for the very first time, you need to know how to protect suede shoes from damage. Suede shoes can get stains and damage from rain, coffee or liquid spills, and that drop of ketchup from lunch. The best way to protect suede shoes from stains and damage is to coat them with a special Suede Protector.

To protect suede shoes, you will need:

  • Newspaper
  • Suede brush
  • Suede protector
  1. Cover the table top or work area with newspaper to protect the surface.
  2. Brush up the nap of the suede on the shoes with a suede brush.
  3. Read the directions on the label. Check the spray suede protector to see if you must shake the can, how much to apply, and drying times.
  4. Spray a coat of suede protector over the entire suede surface of the shoes.
  5. Let the protector dry thoroughly according to the directions on the label. Brush up the nap of the suede with a suede brush.


  • Use a product that is specifically made to water protect and stain guard suede. Clean your suede shoes regularly and add additional protector to keep them stain free and looking new. Do a small test patch on an area of the suede that doesn’t show to make sure the suede protector won’t cause damage to dyed suede.


  • Leather cleaning products are not suitable for use on suede. Household chemicals will damage suede and should be avoided. Use spray suede protector in a well ventilated room away from open flame.
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