How To Provide Infertility Support To Your Wife

Learning how to provide infertility support to your wife should be easy. You will need to let her know that the problem is not her fault, and make it sound, however you actually feel about it, as though it is not a big deal. If you can give her plenty of positive reassurance, letting her know that nothing is wrong, then she will be as fine with it is she can be, and you and she will get along well and have a great life together. Following is advice on how to give infertility support to your wife.

  1. First, convince her that you do not mind. Often, women will take their infertility very seriously, and it is up to you to make your wife think that she is overreacting if she becomes very depressed. No matter how you feel, if you love her and you feel that she is perfect for you, you should play it off like it is not a big deal, whether or not you care strongly about it. To do this, you must first convince yourself that it is not a big deal. There are other ways to have a child, so, if raising a kid has always been your dream, you and your wife are not cut off from doing that just because of her infertility.
  2. Show her that her infertility is not even on your mind. Do not talk in depth about it (talking about alternative ways to have a child, such as adoption is fine), but most importantly, continue with you daily life, and see that she does the same.
  3. If having a kid has always been her dream, remind her that it is just life, and adoption is a fine way to have a kid of your own. Talk with her about this, and let her know that you are completely up for it if she is still down.
  4. Treat her specially. After what she may take as bad news, let her know that you are there, and tray to show her by taking her out to a special dinner, or on a special trip. If you can convince her that you are not disappointed in her and that you still want to be with her, which, if you go to these lengths after the news of her infertility, you do, then she will be fine with it, too.

Knowing how to provide infertility support to your wife can be a very important part of maintaining a great relationship with her. If you want to stay together, make sure you let her know that you would still like to be with her because of who she is.

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