How To Pull Back Foreskin

In the modern American culture of circumcision, a surprising number of men with natural genitals don't know how to pull back foreskin. This is a problem, as cleaning under the foreskin is necessary for good penile hygiene. Without proper cleaning, an excess of the whitish substance known as smegma runs the chance accumulating. Try getting a chick to even give you the time of day with that going on! Here's what you'll need to pull back your foreskin:

  • Prescription steroid cream
  • Hands and a tender touch
  1. Begin gently. If you've never pulled back your foreskin, chances are it's not going to go all the way back the first time you attempt it. If it hurts to pull your foreskin back to a certain point, stop! Forcing it beyond this point is a good way to cause splitting and scarring.
  2. Start stretching. Like your muscles, the foreskin needs a good stretching to become flexible. Start by gently (see step one!) pulling on your foreskin with a finger or two so that it becomes flexible around the head of your penis. Get into the habit of doing this every day.
  3. Apply a topical steroid. Your doctor can prescribe you a steroid cream that will greatly assist in pulling back your foreskin. Usually these are a once-daily application, but see your doctor for exact directions. Rub the cream on your foreskin and gently stretch it.

If you're having trouble pulling back your foreskin, chances are it's going to take a few months of daily stretching to get it to fold back over the head of your penis. Once you're able to completely pull it back without pain, be sure to clean under it on a daily basis. With a little upkeep, your foreskin will no longer be an issue and will actually contribute to your overall sexual satisfaction.

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