How To Pull Off The Coat And Jeans Look

How to pull off the coat and jeans look does not take a fashion expert to figure it all out. Putting this look together just takes a matter of knowing how to coordinate the coat and jeans without walking down the street looking a horrible fashion sense. Gather all your shirts and jeans and find out how to look cool, stylish and warm in cooler seasons.

  1. Wear jeans that compliment your coat. To pull off the coat and jeans look, you must ask yourself, "does my jeans blends well with my coat style?" If you are wearing a sport coat, jeans will be the number one choice. Short pea coats go certainly well with slimmer jeans- relaxed, boot cut, or skinny. A puffer and toggle coat is another acceptable option with jeans, especially jeans of darker color.
  2. Match your shirt. If you are wearing a short coat, it is definitely important to match the shirt you are sporting with the coat and jeans. Collared shirts and sweaters are a good match with pea coats and toggle coats, while puffer coats works well with regular tees, jerseys, and sweaters.
  3. Find the right shoes. Shoes set off a man's entire look perfectly or it can go incredibly wrong. Since a puffer coat is casual outerwear to wear with sneakers or boots; pea coats and toggle coats blends well with sneakers or casual shoes, such as loafers and hush puppies to pull off a classic conservative style as a everyday wear or special occasions.
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