How To Pump A Keg

To pump beer from your beer keg, you will need to know how to operate the pump properly to tap into all the beverages inside. Overpumping your keg will result in cups of foam, so use moderation when priming the keg. To enjoy cold beer, set the keg inside a tube of ice. The aluminum keg cools quickly and will deliver cold drinks pump after pump.

You'll need:

  • Keg
  • Tub of ice
  • Pump
  • Cups
  1. Place the keg in a central location where everyone can access it easily. You should avoid placing your keg in direct sunlight. The pump hoses can expand if they get too warm and become loose.
  2. Attach the pump to the top of the keg. This activity is called “tapping the keg.”
  3. Screw the coupler attachment on the pump into the valve of the keg. Then press down the pump handle.
  4. Locate the handle of the faucet on top of the keg. Turn this counter-clockwise to release the pressure in the keg.
  5. Open the faucet completely or your beer will be too foamy. Pump the beer by lifting and pulling down the handle. Give the pump a good four or five pumps. Pump the keg as you need to throughout the event to keep the beer flowing.
  6. Place your beer mug or cup under the nozzle and vent the keg, allowing the beer to flow freely. Tilt the cup at an angle when filling it. This will cut down on the amount of foam in your cup.



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