How To Pump Riddell Revolution Football Helmets

If you’re playing football and want to hit someone harder, or more importantly, want to keep your own head from getting knocked off, you have to know how to pump Riddell Revolution football helmets for maximum protection. The good thing about football helmet technology is that it’s gone from simple leather buckets to fully functional airbag systems requiring pump action that can be tailored to any individual. 

If you've got a big, block, Neanderthal head, no problem. Even if your head is small, bald and shiny, it’s still not a problem. You ever wonder how so many football players get those dreadlocks inside their helmets? It's the Riddell Revolution pump system, of course.

To pump up a Riddell Revolution football helmet you will need:

  • One of the four variations of Riddell Revolution football helmets
  • A football helmet pump
  • Two or three aspirin
  1. Try the helmet on just to see how it fits. There are many different helmet sizes, and you want one that feels most comfortable even before the pump is used.
  2. Insert the pump, with the needle attached to it, into the top of the helmet. Pump the Riddell Revolution helmet full of air until you feel the pads inflate inside the helmet and start to squeeze against your head. Get it to where it feels comfortable to wear, then squeeze a little more so that it is snug.  
  3. Have someone grab your facemask and pull it from side to side. Your helmet should not slide on your head. The point of using the Riddell Revolution pump on your football helmet is so that your helmet becomes an extension of your head.
  4. Hit something. See how it feels. You should feel the impact but it should not hurt. Bang the front and especially the sides of the helmet, as that is where a lot of the contact is going to come from.
  5. Adjust the pump. Pump your Riddell Revolution Helmet again, this time considering where you felt it supported you and where it did not. This is a device designed for impact. The same way that an airbag protects a driver or a roll cage protects a racer, this helmet will save your life. 
  6. Hit something again. Harder this time. You want the impact to disperse and move all around your head, so if you feel it hardest in any one place, you can adjust the  pump so that the blow disperses evenly.


If it doesn’t hurt, it means you know how to properly pump your Riddell Revolution football helmet. You are now ready for football combat. Congratulations!

Now that you know how to pump up your Riddell Revolution football helmet, go put it to use. The next Friday night or Saturday afternoon, follow these directions and you will be prepared to play the game of your life. There’s nothing like it.

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