How To Pump Skateboard

Here are instructions for how to pump a skateboard. Pumping a skateboard or longboard is a process of moving the board from side to side. Pumping a skateboard is in the same class as running slalom in skiing. Pumping a skateboard is a long distance form of riding where you gather speed and endurance. Leaning to pump a skateboard really is one of the first things you will learn. Skateboarding requires balance and the ability to maintain your pace. Doing so by pushing off with your trailing foot by pumping is very common. Look below at the straightforward instructions on pumping a skateboard.

Skateboarding is a very trendy sport. It can be a very expensive sport or it can be tolerable on the pocketbook. Learning to skateboard and taking advantage of all it offers is key to longevity. Processes like pumping add to the sport, as it is easily mastered. Check it out for yourself!

How to pump on a skateboard:

Things you will need:

  • Skateboard
  • Long stretch of uninterrupted space

How to pump on a skateboard:

  1. Stretch yourself out. Get nice, warm, and limber. Place your lead foot on the center or just below the front trucks. Push off with your trailing foot, giving a few hard kicks. Once you are going put your trailing foot just below the tail.
  2. Take a head on position. Move your legs side to side, your hips will follow. The tighter the motion the tighter the movement of the board from left to right. Work the legs and hips in unison causing the board to sway with you.
  3. The quicker your movement, the faster you will go. You can take breaks from time to time, as the pumping motion will develop speed. You can place cones or other small obstacles to move around as you pump.
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